How to setup TBS Crossfire Multibind

The Team Blacksheep Cloud connects a number of TBS products using Wifi. Among other things, a function has been added that allows you to bind one drone with multiple transmitters (Crossfire modules). This allows you to use two or more remotes without rebinding.


  • TBS Crossfire TX Sende Modul
    • Firmware 3.70 or higher
    • integrated WiFi module
    • WiFi module with firmware 1.08 or higher
    • activated TBS Cloud
    • if necessary this Tutorial
  • TBS Crossfire RX
    • Firmware 3.70 or higher

What is needed

Do I have a WiFi module?

First of all, you should check if you have a WiFi module in your Crossfire transmitter module. Not all modules have a WiFi modules installed.

To check whether a WiFi module is installed, you can simply update to Crossfire version 3.24 or higher and see whether one of the following WiFi networks appears after the firmware update (the name of the wifi may vary).
Thanks Marc ( for the hint.

Firmware update

In order to use Crossfire Multibind, your transmitters (TX) and your receivers (RX) must have installed at least firmware version 3.7. If this is not the case, please follow the update instructions below. You DON’T need the Fusion module.

How to use Team Blacksheep Cloud for TBS Crossfire and TBS Fusion

Check TBS cloud status

First we have to check if your USER ID has been sent to your Crossfire module. This unique user ID is later stored on the receiver (RX) which can then be controlled with multiple Crossfire modules.

Open the LUA Script on your remote control and go to crossfire.lua -> XF Micro TX -> About -> User ID 

An ID should be displayed. Check on all Crossfire modules whether the same ID is displayed. Here you can also check again whether the firmware version is at least V 3.7.

With the LUA Script crossfire.lua -> XF Wifi -> About -> Server -> Online you can also check the TBS Cloud Server connection.

activate Multibind

Now use the Crossfire LUA Script again to configure your Crossfire module.

To do this, enable Multibind: crossfire.lua -> XF Micro TX -> General-> Multi-Bind -> Enable
You also have to do that that on every Crossfire module you want to use.

bind your receivers

Now you only have to bind your receivers with one of your Crossfire modules and it will automatically bind to any other crossfire module (which has the same USER ID) you turn on. If Autobind does not work, take a look at the FAQ at the end of this article


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FAQ – Frequently asked questions

Do I need a permanent internet connection to bind?

No, each Crossfire module has to obtain the user ID from the TBS Cloud Server once and then does not require any further internet connection to bind.

In what order does my drone and several Crossfire modules connect to each other?

„First come first serve!“ – The drone always connects to the crossfire module which are switched on first. If two modules or drones are powered at the same time, binding sequenz may be random upon signal strength. Therefore please only power on one drone/module at a time.

Why is Autobind not working after activating Multibind?

As soon as Multibind is activated, the Crossfire module has a new ID. Accordingly, you MUST press the bind button once again to bind the RX to the TX. If you dont want to press the bind button, here is a workaround.

  1. Update the Crossfire module to at least 3.7 according to the instructions above
  2. Deactivate Multibind on Crossfire module
  3. Turn on the drone
  4. Update Crossfire RX firmware
  5. in bound state, activate multibind and wait briefly until the connection is re-established
  6. done, now the crossfire USER-ID is transferred

I’ve activated Crossfire Model Match, why doesn’t Multibind work anymore?

That is normal. Model Match is used to assign a RX to a specific model / profile on a radio. Disable Model Match to use multibind.

One of my modules has a different user ID, what should I do?

This can happen if you connect your own Crossfire module to a third-party Agent X and then synchronize it with the TBS Cloud. Your own Crossfire module then has a foreign ID. To undo this you have to do the following:
Connect the module to your own Agent X and wait until it synchronizes with the TBS Cloud

About the Team Blacksheep Cloud synchronization:
There is a dot in the top right corner of each card. This point can have 3 different colors.

  • gray – The device is offline, i.e. not connected via USB
  • orange – The device is connected but not synchronized with the Team Blacksheep Cloud
  • green – The device is connected and successfully synchronized with the Team Blacksheep Cloud

As soon as the device is synchronized with the cloud, it is on the TBS server and assigned to the email address you used to log into TBS Agent X.

Credits: Infographic vector created by freepik –

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  1. Kelvin Kennedy sagt:

    All greenlights on both tx and still have different user id. I’ve upgraded and refreshed several times.

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