Flash RX5808 Diversity Modul (LaForge / True-D / Realacc)

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  1. jyri sagt:

    Yo im stuck at „uploading“ and nothing happens. „programmer is not responding“

  1. 13. November 2016

    […] Flash RX5808 Diversity Modul (LaForge / True-D / Realacc) […]

  2. 13. November 2016

    […] a RX5808 diversity module with the latest firmware and also change the start screen. Check out Philipp Seidels blog for detailed […]

  3. 10. Januar 2017

    […] After a while, I picked up the unit again and gave it another try. Again, no success. At this point, determined to figure out what was going on, I tested the unit for solder bridges and correct wiring. It all checked out ok. Then, by pure coincidence, I tested the voltage of the 5V connection and realized that only 0.9V were being put out from the unit. By measuring the pins on the FatShark unit port, I confirmed my suspicion. The USBasp was supplying the entire unit with power. The USBasp cannot provide enough power in order to supply the entire unit with power (naturally!). This had not been necessary when working with the RealACC unit. […]

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