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On my trip through Vietnam, I was a guest at Steve, the owner and founder of Furious FPV. I looked at the development of the FuriousFPV products at the headquarters and took one of the new Stealth Race VTXs to Germany. In this article, you will read about their new VTX.


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Specifications Stealth Race VTX


  • 40 channels on 5 bands
  • Protection against overheating
  • 2 – 6S input voltage
  • 5 V 1 amp output
  • 0.1 mW PIT Mode
  • 25 mW and 200 mW output power
  • built-in LC-Filter
  • Configuration via Bluetooth App (Android & iOS)
  • Configuration via OSD / Taranis LUA Script
  • Temperature display via APP
  • Dimensions: 25×19×6 mm
  • Weight: 2.9 g (without antenna)


The video transmitter has 40 different channels distributed on 5 bands (A,B,E,F,R).

Edit: My prototype unit had 72 channels. The final production just has 40 channels. Low Raceband will be added with a firmware update.

Compared to a regular 48 CH video transmitter, the following three bands have been added:

  • Band H
    I would call this band the Raceband V2. This band lies exactly in the area of ​​the original racebands, but has a larger distance from channel to channel, namely 40mhz the original Raceband have a distance of 37mhz.
  • Band O und U
    In my opinion, these two bands (they lay side by side, but below the race band) are completely superfluous. The pitch from channel to channel is just 18 mhz. It would be better to use Raceband and Band L (Low-Raceband) to use 16 channels at the same pitch.

Power Supply and 5 V out

The video transmitter can and should be used directly on a LiPo. It has an integrated LC filter which filters out possible interference and provides a „crystal clear“ picture. The FPV camera is supplied with power via a 5 V 1 A step-down.

Configuration Stealth Race VTX

The Stealth VTX can be configured in various ways.

via Button

Like most video transmitters, the Stealth Race VTX can be configured via button and LED flashing codes. The red LED indicates which menu you are in.

1x red flashing: Channel
2x red flashing: Band
3x red flashing: Power

The blue LED indicates the value of the respective menu. The setting can be stored in each menu by holding down for 5s and returns to the start. To enable 200mW, press the button for 20 seconds in the Power Menu.


via Serial Interface (OSD)

For example, if you connect the video transmitter to an Omnibus F4 or a Betaflight F3 FC with Betaflight OSD, you can configure the video transmitter via the OSD. To do so, the white cable must be connected to a serial port of the flight controller. The protocol of the ImmersionRC Tramp is used to configure the VTX.

via Serial Interface (Taranis LUA Script)

It is also possible to set the VTX via LUA Script. This requires the following LUA script: KISS FC/CC or Betaflight

via Bluetooth App (Android & iOS)

The Stealth Race VTX from Furious FPV is the first video transmitter, which can be adjusted via Bluetooth and Smartphone App (iOS). This requires a separately available Bluetooth module, which is attached to a video transmitter via a small 4-pin connector. The Bluetooth module is extremely small and can be installed somewhere in the frame, because one does not need direct access to the module, as with the ImmersionRC Tramp. Clear advantage here for the Stealth VTX.

In the app you have the possibility to choose between „Race“ and „Freestyle“. Here is a small video (english subtitles are availible):


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Video laden


Overheating Protection

The video transmitter has built-in overheat protection. This should protect the video transmitter from overheating, for example if the antenna is broken, the vtx is flown in very warm environments or the video transmitter has been unfavorably mounted. By default, this protection is disabled. You can activate the function via the app.

Overheat protection on: When the transmitter reaches 130°C, the transmitter is switched off after 10 seconds.
Overheat protection off: When the transmitter reaches 130°C, the output power is limited to 25mW.

Size Comparisopn IRC Tramp HV vs. TBS Unify Pro HV


Output Power measured

With an RF Power Meter I measured the performance of the video transmitter.


Mit dem Laden des Videos akzeptieren Sie die Datenschutzerklärung von YouTube.
Mehr erfahren

Video laden


Flight video




Because of the dimension and the configuration I like the video transmitter very well! Unfortunately, the transmitter is relatively hot, which is of course not surprising because of its size, but the transmitter should at least in the pit mode not get to hot. But also in Pit-Mode it gets extremely hot. The fluctuating transmission power is also due to the extreme heat i think. As soon as the VTX gets some air, its power output changes immediately. Whether this is a problem in flight, I will still find out, as well as the transmitter is in continuous use and whether it interferes other pilots on nerby channels. I will provide these findings as soon as I have enough flights with the transmitter. A plus point is that you can update the firmware, which makes me hope that Furious FPV is working on a more stable output power. I really like that App, except it wont save my password and i need to put it in every time i access the VTX. Otherwise, the app works like a charm.


  • very small design
  • versatile configuration (LUA script, OSD, Bluetooth app)
  • 72 channels
  • Firmware can be updated
  • Pit-Mode
  • Protection against overheating
  • LC Filter
  • Transmission power fluctuates very much depending on temperature / air supply
  • Bluetooth password is not memorized
  • ImmersionRC Tramp protocol is used instead of its own development
  • becomes extremely hot even in pit mode

Thanks Curtis for the translation! =)

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