Airbot Omnibus F4 Nano V6 Flight Controller + Ori32 ESC Anschlussplan / Wiringplan

I created this high resolution connection plan for the Airbot Omnibus F4 Nano V6 Flight Controller + Ori32 4in1 ESC.
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This connection plan will be constantly updated.
Please always link to the original image (3500px × 2633px, right click -> save as) so that the latest version is always displayed.

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If you are looking for more wiring plans, go here

Hardware used in this wiringplan

Created by Philipp Seidel
Credits: Icons by rdy_fpv , Albert K and Me 😉

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6 Antworten

  1. Markus sagt:

    Hi Phillip

    The Airbot product page for the Nano v6 shows the info: „Firmware, please use Fireworks v2, but set gyro to use as 1.“

    Which makes sense to me since both FCs have 5 UARTs, the standard OmnibusF4 target only has 3 (UART1,3 and 6). Also the Fireworks has 2 Gyro-sockets, and the Nano v6 only one which seems to be connected to socket 1.


    • Phil sagt:

      Hey Markus,

      please check the comment above. I read out the Firmware of the CLI:

      Its OMNIBUSF4 but manual says it should be OMNIBUSF4FW. Maybe the factory flashed the wrong firmware. So i flashed Omnibus Fireworks Firmware (OMNIBUSF4FW) and i needed to change the Gyro to 1 as well. I also needed to change YAW 90° and ROll 180° to get the correct board orientation.

      I don’t know why they don’t create a new target on Betaflight. I am in contact with Airbot about that, but i need to always wait a few days for a response.

      I hope i can get a 100% firm statement to correct (or not correct) the connectionplan!

      Thanks! =)


      • Markus sagt:

        Hm, Omnibus F4 Fireworks target was added with Betaflight 3.3.2 so maybe the FW wasn’t finished at the time of manufacturing of the Nano v6 you received and they flashed OmnibusF4 v3.3.0 so it at least works. But yea let’s wait for Airbot to reply on this.

        Btw. I was also wondering about the correct orientation of the FC, because it is nowhere mentioned. Not in the manual and not printed on the board.


  2. Mark sagt:

    Hey Philipp

    Lovely diagram as usual. There seems to be quite a bit of confusion on this board regarding correct firmware target. You might want to check as my research tells me its the omnibus fireworks target not the f4 target + there is a cli command necessary to pick gyro number 1.
    Also, the orientation of the board info is really welcome as there is nothing in the manual about this.


    • Phil sagt:

      Hey Mark,
      indeed the manual is quite confusing. Regarding the Firmware, i looked up in the CLI which firmware was installed and it was OmnibusF4. I needed to change the orientation also to set it up correct.

      But i will talk to Airbot again about this to verify the information. Please stay tuned!


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