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In this article I would like to explain in a few steps how to you could use Dshot on your KISS setup.
What exactly Dshot is, Phil has already explained in detail in a post. You can find it here.

What is required

First of all it is important that you have the firmware v1.02 or higher on your ESCs. If this is not the case, you must flash your controllers beforehand. You can find a detailed article here.

You also need the following software:

Install KISS GUI 1.0.14

Since version 1.0.14 is not an official update of the GUI, you have to update it manually. To do this, open the Google Chrome Browser and click the three dots in the upper right corner. There you select the „Settings“ tab.

Now you select „Extensions“ on the left side. You now have an overview of your loaded apps. Now you have to put a checkmark in „Developer mode“ in the upper right corner.

Under „Load unpacked extensions …“ load „KISS_GUI_Dshot_T41“ from the folder, where you saved it. Now just click on „Update extensions now“ and the new GUI is already available.



Note: If you have created a desktop shortcut for the GUI, you must also update it. Just remove the old version from the desktop and create a new one.

Flash KISS FC Firmware

Option 1: via GUI

If it is possible for you to update the FlightController firmware over the Gui, it is best to use this option. Open the GUI without the Flight Controller connected to the PC. Now hold down the Bootloader button and connect the Flight Controller to the PC. A „Select Firmware“ button appears in the Gui.

FC FW Select

Click on this and select the latest firmware. In my case it was the „KISSFC-1.03-RC30-8-Dshot-T107xx“. Click on „Flash Firmware“.

FC FW Flash

If the firmware is fully loaded, you can remove the flight controller from the PC and reconnect it. Now you can use the new firmware.

Note: Again, it is important to save the settings before you reset them. In addition you have to activate the firmware by clicking on „Save Settings“. (Only possible when connected to the Internet)

Option 2: via DeFuSe

Since the procedure described above was not possible for me, I used the old proven method and used DeFuSe Demo. You can find a detailed guide here.

flash KISS 24A ESC Firmware

The last step is the flashing of the ESCs so that they can also support the new digital protocol. As mentioned above, it is necessary that at least the firmware v 1.02 is flashed on the controllers.

In order to be able to flash the ESCs, they must be supplied with power. So connect your quad to a LiPo and wait for the initialization process. Now connect the Flight Controller to the PC, open and connect the FlightController to the Gui and select the button „ESC Flasher“ in the upper right corner.

Caution: As described in the Warning, all of your propellers will be removed before the flashing process. Otherwise, injuries may occur.

Now accept the warning that you have taken note of this by clicking on „I KNOW WHAT I AM DOING“.

The window you now see is already familiar from the previous flashing of the Flight Controller. Go back to „Select Firmware“ and select the firmware for the ESCs. In my case this was „KISS24A_108a_Dshot_T10.hex“.

Next, click on „Flash Firmware“ and wait for the flash process. This takes a little more time than the flashing of the Flight Controllers.


When the process is complete, you have all the points needed to use Dshot.


Removes the connection between FlightController and PC and also removes the LiPo.



ESC Mode

You can now select your desired protocol in the „Configuration“ tab of the GUI. Do not forget to restore your previously saved settings;)

Have fun!

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7 Responses

  1. Steffen sagt:

    Super Tutorial, nur wie flashe ich eine dshot kompatible Firmware auf die KISS24A ohne KISS FC?
    Kann ich „einfach“ nachdem ich nach der 1.02 Anleitung den Bootloader geflasht habe die neuere hex 1.08 nehmen und per stm flashloader flashen?

    • Phil sagt:

      Hallo Steffen,
      Ja das sollte möglich sein, denn damit beschreibst du ja direkt den IC auf dem ESC.

      Würde mich über eine Rückmeldung freuen, ob es geklappt hat!


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