Furious FPV—True-D Diversity Receiver Modul

Furious FPV—True-D Diversity Receiver System—Clarity Without Compromise

The True Diversity module was made available to me for this review by the onlineshop www.flyingmachines.de. There, the module is available for sale.


The True Diversity module from Furious FPV offers diversity reception via two different antennas. In operation, the module constantly measures the reception quality of both antennas and switches quickly, so that the best possible picture can be seen on the video google. The pilot sees nothing from the changeover and enjoys first-class video reception.

Furious_FPV_True-D_Diversity_Receiver_System_plugged_in (1)

The True-D module has 40 channels and is compatible with both the Fat Shark Dominator V2 and V3 and the Fatshark HD V1 & V2. Configuration and usage are carried out via a rocker switch and a display.

Furious_FPV_True-D_Diversity_Receiver_System_plugged_in (6) Furious_FPV_True-D_Diversity_Receiver_System_plugged_in (9) Furious_FPV_True-D_Diversity_Receiver_System_plugged_in (5) Furious_FPV_True-D_Diversity_Receiver_System_plugged_in (7)



  • True diversity reception (two independent receivers installed)
  • Intermittent switching of video signals
  • 40 channels including raceband
  • 4 modes: Autosearch, Manual Mode, Working Channel and Band scanner
  • compact, does’t need two module shafts
  • suitable for Fat Shark Dominator V2 / V3 and HD V1 / V2
  • integrated display
  • Antenna connector: SMA female (without pin)

What is Diversity

A diversity system lets the pilots select two antennas to receive the video signal. The module automatically switches to the video signal of the antenna whose signal is better. This allows two completely different antennas to be combined to achieve an even better and more stable FPV video transmission.

The following antennas are commonly used:


Antenna 1: Cloverleaf antenna
Antenna 2: Patch antenna

Currently I use the TBS 5 dBi Patch Antenna. I’m still waiting for the ImmersionRC SpiroNet 8 dBi Antenna, which should provide even better reception.


Operating modes

Furious_FPV_True-D_Diversity_Receiver_System_plugged_in (10)

Manual Mode


In this mode you can select and activate each of the 40 channels in the 5.8 GHz band. To select, you only have to scroll through the individual channels with the control.

Working Channel


In this mode, you can store up to 8 channels of different bands to one of the 8 available slots. This allows you to quickly switch between different copters at different frequencies.

Auto Search


The Auto Search Mode scans the individual channels on all bands and automatically selects the channel on which the best signal is received.

Band Scanner


The Spectrum Analyzer also scans all frequencies of the 40 channels and graphically displays them. In addition, the True-D module suggests the best channel based on its scan results.

Comparison with Nexwave Modul

The normal NexWave module is, of course, flatter, lighter and fits completely into the module bay of the Fat Shark goggle. Of course you cannot really compare the modules, because a completely different technology stands behind it. The NexWave module is an antenna diversity with only one receiver. Two receivers are installed in the True-D. I took a few photos of both modules, so you can estimate the size of the True-D better.

Furious_FPV_True-D_Diversity_Receiver_System_vs_nexwave (3) Furious_FPV_True-D_Diversity_Receiver_System_vs_nexwave (1) Furious_FPV_True-D_Diversity_Receiver_System_vs_nexwave (5) Furious_FPV_True-D_Diversity_Receiver_System_vs_nexwave (4)

Power consumption

I measured the power consumption and compared it with a normal NexWave module from Fat Shark. The True-D consumed almost twice as much power, which of course was expected. I personally find the power consumption acceptable for the module, since after all a microcontroller + display + the second receiver needs to be powered.

If you are looking for an alternative Fat Shark battery with more capacity, take a look at the article by Lucas.

Plastic cover

Suitable for the above named Fat Shark googles, there is a black and a white plastic cover.
The module sits tightly in the cover and it doesn’t move in there.

Furious_FPV_True-D_Diversity_Receiver_System_package Furious_FPV_True-D_Diversity_Receiver_System_plastic_cover (4) Furious_FPV_True-D_Diversity_Receiver_System_Titel Furious_FPV_True-D_Diversity_Receiver_System_plugged_in (7) Furious_FPV_True-D_Diversity_Receiver_System_plastic_cover (2)

Video of the test flight

Kamil AKA DangerRc and I have tested the module in two days. Kamil has flown with his 5″ Alien and TBS Unify Pro @ 25 mW and has used the NexWave module in his Fat Shark. I sat on the chair next to him and I also watched him and even helped him out of a difficult situation, but see for yourself. 😉

Suggestions of improvement

In addition to the first-class video reception, there are still some optimization requirements.
I have already spoken with Furious FPV about the points (except the plastic cover) and I hope it is fixed in a firmware update.

Control knob

In my module, the control knob is partially tilted. Personally, I would prefer a control button like these on the Fatshark goggles.

Plastic cover

Furious_FPV_True-D_Diversity_Receiver_System_plastic_cover (1)

The following remark should be seen as complaining on a high level. The plastic covers are molded from plastic and look not so super-processed in thin areas. They fully fulfill their purpose though. An injection-molded part which doesn’t look as bulky would be better.

Working Channel Mode Configuration

What I really do not like is saving the channels to the individual 8 slots. Unfortunately, it’t not possible to select a certain slot and save a channel there. When you have saved the last channel to position 8, you must overwrite the first position 1–3 to reach position 4, for example.
It would be nice if one could select the slot as desired, change into the manual mode and the desired channel could be saved there.

Restart modul

Since I did not use the working channel mode, I was only in manual mode on the way. I fly my quads all on Raceband 3. Not nice is the fact that the module, after switching it off and back on, automatically switches to the working channel mode, although one was before in manual mode.


  • good reception with two different antennas
  • Plug and Play
  • LCD Display for configuration
  • Plastic cover for Fat Shark video googles
  • integrated Band-scanner


  • Menu management of the Working Channel Mode is not intuitive
  • loses mode after reboot


additional photos

Furious_FPV_True-D_Diversity_Receiver_System_module (2) Furious_FPV_True-D_Diversity_Receiver_System_module (1) Furious_FPV_True-D_Diversity_Receiver_System_module (3) Furious_FPV_True-D_Diversity_Receiver_System_module (5) Furious_FPV_True-D_Diversity_Receiver_System_module (4) Furious_FPV_True-D_Diversity_Receiver_System_module (8) Furious_FPV_True-D_Diversity_Receiver_System_module (7) Furious_FPV_True-D_Diversity_Receiver_System_setup

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    […] The True Diversity module from Furious FPV offers diversity reception via two different antennas. In operation, the module constantly measures the reception quality of both antennas and switches quickly, so that the best possible picture can be seen on the video google. The pilot notice nothing from the changeover and enjoys first-class video reception. If you want to know more Check awesome article on Philipps blog. […]

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