Sonicmodell AR WING (English)

In this post I would like to introduce you the AR WING by Sonicmodell

A wide selection of other wings and planes can be found here. This is my second wing after the Reptile S800 SKY SHADOW (flight video).

On the basis of some photos, I would like to give you an overview of what awaits you in this article, if you get yourself an AR WING. I will introduce you to the later build as soon as it is finished.

If you want to know how to build a FPV Wing and configure INAV, I recommend this two-part tutorial.




Technical details

  • Manufacturer: Sonicmodell
  • Span: 900 mm
  • Speed: 10km/h – 80+km/h
  • Motor: 2204 2200kv
  • ESC: 20A 2-3s
  • Servo: 2x digital 9 g servo
  • Propellers: 5 to 6 inch

Where to buy

First of all, the wing has been redesigned. Albert  had kindly made me aware of it. Please note, however, that I am unable to guarantee that every shop already has the current model in stock. If you really want to have the new version, you may want to wait until the wing is „Out of Stock“ and then buy it next time.

The improvments are:

  • Wodden parts no longer have recesses
  • the ailerons were reinforced with plastic rods
  • additional air inlets for cooling

You can buy the Sonic model AR Wing in two different versions

  • PNP (Plug and Play) BUY HERE
    This article is about the PNP version. The Wing comes almost completely assembled to your home. There are no more gluing work necessary and the wing can simply be put together in a few simple steps. This saves a lot of work and time. If this is your concern, I recommend the PNP version.
    If, on the other hand, you plan to build with your own components and save some money, you can also get the cheaper DIY version. Below are two possible setups.



If you want to fly really fast and in acro mode, this is a possible setup that you can use.


If you want to explore the countryside and make very long flights, this setup is for you.


After I picked up the really big carton at customs, it was opened immediately on the kitchen table.

All parts are really well packed and are in separate boxes.

Overview of all parts from the big box.


Enclosed you will find a concise manual with exploded view of the model. Since I have the PNP variant, I did not need the manual, because everything was preinstalled and I just had to put it together.


The already assembled wings make a valuable impression. The Styrofoam is very fine and firm.

A rod and a screw are used to fasten the wings to the fuselage. In this way you can disassemble the wing for transport and / or replace any damaged wing in seconds.

The internal hollow CFK square rod gives the model a high rigidity.

As you can see in the photo below, the rod is simply inserted through the fuselage.

The wings are simply put on the rod and pushed to the fuselage.

With a knurled screw, the wing is connected to the fuselage.

To fix the wing is behind the hole in the wood panel a thread. The servo cables are long enough to extend into the fuselage.

Aileron reinforcement

As mentioned earlier, some improvements / changes have been made to the Sonicmodell AR Wing. Since the ailerons were too soft in the previous version, they were now reinforced with a plastic rod. TOP!

The fuselage

Also on the fuselage was an improvement in the form of two additional air intakes (actually, there are rather outlets) built. These serve to sufficiently cool the internal electronics.
The cover to close the fuselage is provided with magnets. This can be opened easily with the protruding wood part.

Only two magnets hold the cover on the fuselage. The rear part of the cover is pushed into the appropriate recess near the motor and then fixed with the magnets.

In contrast to the S800, the interior offers a lot of space. Therefore, this wing is perfect for installing a flight control system including GPS and all other accessories for INAV.
In addition, there is enough space for a large battery, so nothing stands in the way of a long-range mission.

On the underside of the fuselage are two „sleds“, which should minimize the friction on landing and let the wing safely slide over the ground.

COG – Center of Gravity

Both wings have an extra mark where the center of gravity (COG) is located. If you connect both points via an imaginary line, the center of gravity of the finished model should be exactly in the middle of this line. So pay attention to the fact that the center of gravity fits.

Action Cam

The manufacturer has even made provisions for the assembly of action cams. Thus, the delivery includes an installation aid made of plug-in wooden parts for a normal GoPro or a GoPro Session. It’s a bit tricky to build these pieces together, but there are already 3D printable alternatives on


Motor & ESC

The PNP version contains an already installed motor and ESC. Sufficient power is provided by a 30A ESC from the brand FLYCOLOR. This can be operated with a 3S / 4S LiPo and has a 5V 1A BEC.

The motor is a NoName motor with the inscription „D2204 2300KV“. Unfortunately, it had an increased clearance before the first flight and sounded very funny. I think I will exchange it for another.


The propeller is a 6 inch two-bladed propeller with 30% pitch (6×3). Of course, other propellers can be used.

FPV camera

The FPV camera, unlike other models, installed slightly offset. As a result, it is well protected by the surrounding polystyrene. When flying, this offset should not be noticed or cause trouble.

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