Flyduino KISS CompactCTRL CC – Anschlussplan / Connection Plan

I created this high resolution connection plan for the Flyduino KISS CompactCTRL CC flight controller, also known as KISS AIOv2
This connection plan will be constantly updated.
Please always link to the original image (3000px × 1760px, right click -> save as) so that the latest version is always displayed.

Click the image to enlarge

Flyduino KISS CompactCTRL CC - Anschlussplan / Connection Plan


Created by Philipp Seidel / Icons by rdy_fpv

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20 Antworten

  1. Mirko sagt:

    Hi, ich würde gern die Telemetrie der ESCs nutzen, welche Jumper müssen dafür gebrückt werden? Kannst du die Bitte noch markieren. Danke und Grüße Mirko

  2. Tim Hyatt sagt:

    I might add to the last post that no motors meant that my motors wouldn’t spin up. Sorry about that.

  3. Tim Hyatt sagt:

    Thank you for the helpful information on this site. My setup is: AIOv2, FRSKY Ultra Micro receiver, and KDE 1806 motors. I have not connected my camera or TX yet.
    I have a question: I just set it up, calibrated the ESC’s setup my Aux 1 switch for arming (low) and set up my receiver with SBUS (non inverted). The radio communicates with the receiver and FC and the motor test showed that communication is good there, but when I plug in my battery to arm the quad I get nothing. The blue light goes on indicating I’ve armed the quad properly but no motors. Any help would be appreciated.

    • Phil sagt:

      Hi Tim,

      what firmware do you use? Can you check if arming is displayed in the Data Output Tab.
      The KISS CC must calibrate after plugging the LiPo in. Its important to not move the quad until the calibration is done. If its done, there must be no flashing LED on the KISS CC.


  4. tim sagt:

    I have my tramp connected to the kiss cc. There is a lot of distortion in the video.. could you tell me how to reduce it? Thx

  5. Shneyder sagt:

    I fight with my KISS OSD just something about two weeks. What I can’t understand why you take RX1and TX1. I’ve solder the wires on TX RX pads. But I have no signal!?! Is it wrong. I have no 6er JST connector. Can I solder the LED wires somewhere als? And what is the 6 smal holes after the buzzer pads?

    • Phil sagt:

      rx1 and tx1 is correct. the PDB Port is also rx1 and tx1.

      led wires can’t be soldered anywhere else.

      Have you configured the serial interface for the OSD?


  6. szad sagt:

    Why dont You power micro minimosd and couple of LED’s from Kiss CC 5V 1A? Shoulde be more than enough

    • Phil sagt:

      Of course, you could do that. But if i do so in the connection plan, some people might add to much devices in the 5V line and the CC will fail. 😉
      I will add a note to the picture! =)

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