FrSKY Taranis X9D/QX7/S – How to flash internal XJT module

In this article I would like to explain to you shortly how you can flash your internal XJT module of your Taranis. You will find the required firmware on the official website of FrSky.


What you need:

Download the latest firmware for the XJT module

On this page you will find the latest firmware.

Copy firmware to SD card

Option 1: You remove the SD card from the Taranis.

Option 2: You connect the Taranis via USB and copy the files.

For option 2 you have to bring the Taranis into the bootloader mode.

First you press the two marked trim buttons in the direction indicated and then switch on the Taranis at the same time.

Then you can connect the USB cable to the Taranis.


Now you can copy the firmware to the SD card into the directory „FIRMWARES“
firmware xjt Modul

Flash the firmware

Plug the USB cable from the Taranis and restart it. Then press the following keys:

1x long on „MENU“
1x short on „PAGE“

Select „FIRMWARES“ and confirm with „ENT“

Taranis Firmware dirrectory

There you will find the firmware file for the XJT module to be flashed.

XJT Modul firmware

Press „ENT“ long again and selectFLASH INTERNAL MODULE

taranis flash internal module

After confirming with „ENT“, the flash operation should be started.

Firmware writing on XJT Modul

Finished, you have successfully flashed the internal XJT module.

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  1. Matze sagt:

    Ich habe nur gehört dass man die DX9 plus nicht flashen kann auf non EU und auf deutsch aber ich habe mir inzwischen für meinen E-Maxx Hawk 5 den richtigen Empfänger geholt weil dieser an der Drohne non-EU war so habe ich mir jetzt einen Empfänger mit EU geholt

  1. 16. Mai 2020

    […] Depending on which firmware is installed on a FrSky SmartPort receiver, such as the FrSky XSR or R-XSR , it is necessary to flash it in order to use other firmware variants. This includes, for example, the Non-EU, EU or CPPM Firmware. Since the Taranis OpenTX firmware version 2.1, the flashing is very simple and completed in a few minutes. The actual process differs only slightly from that of flashing the Taranis internal XJT module.. […]

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